HORSCH RT Joker Tillage Tool

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April 3, 2018
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HORSCH RT Joker Tillage Tool

Kearney Planters of Thamesville, Ontario is pleased to have added Horsch Farm Equipment to our lineup. Primarily Horsch RT-Joker Series of High Speed Tillage Tools.

  • Ontario is very diverse in what is grown and how it is done. These machines are very effective in how they till soil and offer a wide range of versatility in doing so. The Joker is best described as a high speed short disc. It’s very accurate in depth control as there is a relatively short distance from the Roll Flex packing system to the discs mounted ahead on two beams .The machine is capable of handling very high levels of residue. What differentiates it from standard secondary tillage tools and the vertical tillage tools of late is the fact that the Joker is extremely aggressive in how it cuts and mixes residue into the controlled depth profile. It’s aggressive on weeds. It leaves a very black finish for the generally shallow depths that secondary tools run.
  • Chemical incorporation is well suited for this tool as well. Weed resistance battles may in many cases require both chemical incorporation as well as tillage removal of small weeds in high residue situations. It’s also excellent in cereal straw management, whereby we get the hard to digest straw, in contact with soil in the upper soil profile exposed to microbes, water, and oxygen. This level of performance allows for shallow corn residue mixing in fall or spring as opposed to deep aggressive ripping or other more conventional methods.
  • The Joker needs from 11 to 15 engine horse power per foot of machine width. This allows the tool to do excellent tillage in the 8 to 12 miles per hour range. This may seem unreasonable at first but the finish speaks for itself. It’s a minimal pass tool.
  • What differentiates it from many in the same tool category, is the notched disc size of 20 inches combined with the specific concavity and blade angle. This all adds up to optimal finish with the negative attributes of tillage smear kept to a minimum. After this, the Roll Flex packer is unique, as spring tine tongue’s form a circle to pack, flex and resist damp soil build up. This Packer supports and maintains depth across the entire width of the machine. A very high level of control.
  • The Roll Flex packer is also important on headland turns as it also raises and carries the tool. This minimizes the compaction that often happens, when a tool uses few wheels to do this task. Also with this design, soil firing off the rear discs, is both gently packed and sifted onto the surface through the open Roll Flex.
  • All this makes the Joker the first choice in the spring. The seed bed this offers being partially packed with fines on top is the perfect medium for optimal planter performance.

Kearney has done well over a hundred demos in the last year and the number of sales are a testimonial to the machines performance.

Please call Jay Curtis at Kearney Planters for information on the complete Horsch line of tillage and planting equipment.