Proud Precision Planting dealer

Precision Planting

Kearney Planters is a “Premier Precision Planting Dealer”. We have years of experience working with this product line. You are always encouraged to call and have a conversation with our team of  experts who will help you become more familiar with all precision planting has to offer. From very basic improvement parts for row units and meters, sensing systems to sensing and control systems, the expandability of their sub systems is incredible.

  • 20/20 monitor
  • Delta Force
  • hydraulic down force
  • V-set seed meters
  • vacuum retro fit kits
  • conceal
  • Furrow Force
  • Furrow Jet
  • Smart Firmer
  • Clean Sweep
  • Seeder Force

are systems & parts to become familiar with and use to your advantage.

Precision Planting’s huge range of technology can transform a mediocre planter into a state of the art machine! All of these options will make you very confident that the most important task “seeding” is done in the best way possible!

Planters are our business, not a sideline!