The Importance of Support

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March 1, 2017
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April 12, 2017
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The Importance of Support

Investing in farm machinery is a massive commitment. You need to consider your forward goals and plans as well as the cost of the equipment itself. But there is much more to consider.

Here are some things I believe to be important while looking for a machinery dealer to invest in.

  1. Are they knowledgeable about the equipment they offer as well as how to get peak performance from it? This will help your user satisfaction level to be much better over the life of the unit.
  2. Is your sales person a trained specialist? Or may they be checking boxes on an order form? Be sure you discuss your purchase with a person who is willing and able to question your plans. What do wish to achieve? What are your tillage practices? What type of ground do you have? What configuration of Corn head or sprayer do you have? These questions all matter and can cause other issues if they are not considered.
  3. If I break down in season what type of support can I expect? Does your dealer provide trained specialists and the proper equipment needed to do a repair in field? Are they willing to provide on phone service to get you through other questions you may have?
  4. Will they have the part you need when your wanting to do a repair? If it is a special order part, how long will it take to come?
  5. Will your dealer work with you to notify you of special pricing events or early manufacturer discounts?
  6. Will your dealer be able to provide Superior training to you. Each machine is capable of excellent performance but only if you are aware of how to use and adjust settings when it needs to be done. Recognizing certain things is also a way to avoid costly break downs before they happen.
  7. Will your dealer help you plan ahead? Let’s face it Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your farm need to be. Investing over a long term plan can help you to build on a system that you desire without a massive one time outlay.
  8. Many farmers wish to perform their own repairs. Will your parts counter contact be able to advise you on certain aspects of the job you are about to do? This can save trips back for added materials. It may also ensure fine details are met that ensure a proper repair was completed.
  9. Does your dealer offer many lines of performance upgrades that can add serious value to your equipment? Don’t be sold an inferior product because that is all your dealer offers. Ask for Brand name quality and industry leading innovative products that can help you achieve profits and durability.
  10. Will your dealer actually take the time to listen to your plans? Will they spend time researching options that may be available?

These questions will all form a glimpse of what you can expect your experience to be with a dealer. Kearney Planters has built it’s customer base over the years be being able to lead the industry on all counts. We have more product lines than any other dealer. We offer a team of highly trained specialists that will not mislead you. We value the truth and understand that mistakes can cause everyone grief. So if you are considering an investment for your planter or corn head please take the time to contact the staff at Kearney Planters. Please feel free to check us out on line at