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March 22, 2017
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May 11, 2017
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Sensible Choices

After all these years I can still hear the words of my Grand Father as clear as if he were standing in front of me now.

He had bought an older truck for his farm in Glanworth Ontario and was making plans with my Dad to fix it up. It was at that moment he spoke words that I have come to live by. “If I’m going to buy something for the farm it has to make sense. It must either make money or save it.”

Back in those days elbow grease was a free commodity on our family farm and there was lots of it being used. I don’t ever remember us having new equipment for the farm. We didn’t have any new machinery for our shop until the mid to late 1990’s. Things were bought and rebuilt. But things followed Grand Dad’s words. It made sense for us to work that way.

Now, let’s fast forward to today. My Grandfather’s farm is no longer ours and almost twenty years have passed since my Dad retired from the family garage. Still after all this time, I embrace the lessons taught to me all those many years ago.

Now my focus is still on machinery but in a new way. As part of the team at Kearney Planters I get to use my experience to help farmers. Each day our team’s combined experience comes together to work through complicated farming problems faced by many growers. The solutions must be sensible and affordable. The best thing of all is the principles we work under. Barry Kearny’s words mirror the ones spoken by my Grandfather and his passion for farming is the same or even greater. The conversations that happen here every day are about making sense, getting real value and meeting the exact needs of each individual farm plan and budget.

It may make sense to invest in a brand new planter or corn head to meet the requirements of your farm. At other times general repairs and upgrades to an older machine meet and even exceed the performance expectations while being achieved with a smaller investment. These upgrades will also be reflected in the future with trade in values quite often.

The product lines offered at Kearney Planters are very specific. Each brand has been chosen to offer farmers exceptional quality and value. They also come together to offer a wonderful amount of options for different farm needs.

It has been more than 30 years since I heard the words in my Grandfathers lessons and I miss those days very much. But I still hear him in the conversations I have with the farmers I help. The same principles are spoken by all of them. They trust that we will help them achieve their goals on their farms and not steer them wrong.

Profit per acre farming is not a new concept or a gimmick. It is a necessity. Yes the technology offered today is something we could not have imagined in those days but it is here now to help farming operations control costs of inputs and to grow better crops.

How do these options fit your farm plan? Let us start with a conversation at Kearney Planters. This family owned business has operated for more than 3 decades with integrity and the desire to help farmers succeed.

Now, I’m starting to meet the next generation of family that will take over the farms and it is wonderful to know that the next generation at Kearney Planters will create the same lifelong relationships in agriculture. Recently I was speaking with three generations of a family farm all at once. I couldn’t help but remember fondly the days when was learning the same way this young farmer is. His Father and his Grandfather were very proud to support his future in farming. Likewise, we at Kearney Planters are proud to help him achieve his goals with integrity and sensible options.

Farming has changed greatly over generations and so has Kearney Planters. We have grown to help today’s farmer find success in many new ways. I invite you to stop by our location at 14232 Turin Line to see just how our family can help yours.

Thank You for reading today. Tune in next time when we focus on Crop residue management.